Exciting moments at Hungaroring

Exciting moments at Hungaroring with Attila Tassi

Budapest, July 8, 2018, The HELL ENERGY Racing Team with KCMG competitors have just finished a very exciting weekend. The 4th race of the TCR Europe series was held at Hungaroring where Attila Tassi and Josh Files gave the audience an exciting performance.

At Saturday morning’s qualifying sessions, Tassi did very well on the home track and thus took the 2nd position at the first race of the afternoon with Files on the 3rd. Competition was tight among the top drivers at the beginning of the race, Files squared off with Azcona due to which the Briton got a flat and had to forfeit. Tassi fought Briche hard to maintain second place, his opponent was unduly aggressive and sent Tassi onto the gravel rendering him unable to continue the race.

After Saturday’s events, the two HELL ENERGY Racing Team members were more determined than ever to make the best of the second competition which made for an exciting Sunday for spectators. Tassi started from the 9th position and Files from the 8th and they were not taking no for an answer, Tassi moved up to 4th place in the 5th lap, but was not able to get any further even though he gave his best as his car could not handle the tempo. We saw Files overtake his opponents in spectacular fashion and the British driver finished 3rd place.

“I think Briche showed really bad form on Saturday, but I’m staying positive, this is just how motorsports are. Of course, I was really mad that I wasn’t able to reach the finish line yet again, but I was still in good spirits when I took to the starting line. I was at the 9th position and I’m sure I could have made it to 3rd, but my car was slightly damaged in the struggle, so sadly, even though I put the pedal to metal, my car lost its strength on the fourth lap and I was not able to overtake Files again, but I’m glad he made it to the podium as well.  All in all, I really enjoyed the weekend and I hope to be on the podium, too come next race.” said Tassi.

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